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Should I Get An It Degree? It Recruitment Agency Answers

Is Your IT Degree Worth the Expense? IT Recruitment Agency Advice.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs have more than incredible IT brains in common; not a single one of these three incredible, visionary and successful men ever finished a degree. What does this mean for IT degrees? Just how essential is an IT degree to getting ahead in IT? Could an IT degree help your hopes of getting snatched up by an IT recruitment agency? Discover what the IT industry really thinks of IT degrees, from IT recruitment agency experts.

What Sorts of IT Degrees are Available & Will They Further my IT Career?

The 1st part of this query is easy to answer. There are lots of degrees suited to adding to your IT knowledge. BAs can be gained in all sorts of Information Technology-related areas including:

- Computer Science

- Information Science

- Management Information Systems

Other, wider, academic areas like mathematics and theoretical physics can also be helpful to future IT jobs. The true, tricky question is whether or not long,costly degrees can help you when it comes to impress IT recruitment agency staff and future potential employers. This is a far trickier question, even for IT recruitment agency experts, because so much of the answer varies from candidate-to-candidate.

Unfortunately annoyingly, your IT recruitment agency could explain that the helpfulness of a degree is something only you can decide upon. This makes reaching a decision difficult, but it is helpful advice. Take into consideration these things before deciding:

- Your previous, independent attainments

- Your previous experience

- Your basic abilities

- Your understanding of the IT industry

Often IT skills are frequently self-taught at a young, so an university degree can just be a way to put together, improve and get a certificate to prove your abilities. If you are already working at degree level, a degree is almost certainly not needed as long as you can, and have, proved your talents to your IT recruitment agency and to the IT world.

How to Bust into IT With no Degree

If you come to the realisation that you are not an IT wunderkind yet, don't worry, few people are and an IT degree will allow you to get the skills you are lacking. But, if you've come to the conclusion that you don't need a degree you are going to require a whole lot of guidance and confidence. Above all, you need a platform to prove just how able you are. Here are some 'platforms' an IT recruitment agency have suggested:

- Put together a blog or website to keep everyone aware of your personal projects and achievements. This ought to demonstrate that you are up to date with the industry and working at a high level, with self-movivation and innovative drive.

- Creating free programmes or tools that will be useful is a fantastic way to get your name out there and associated with great IT abiltiies.

- Experience, experience, experience. This is the most important thing. Without a degree, great experience with top IT companies is a great way to prove your drive.

So Does A Degree Matter?

An IT recruitment agency will have no problem finding you a position if you tick all of the above boxes, but only a very select few few of us are amazing enough to manage the aforementioned degree of skill. This is why an IT degree is generally a good move. An IT recruitment agency should advise you that, with an IT degree, you have proof of your abilties and your commitment.

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Should I Get An It Degree? It Recruitment Agency Answers