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Skate Store - Skateboard Lighting And Safety Systems:future Prospectus

Skateboard shop : Nowadays, most of the people use the Online Think Tank that crashing and sucks

. When considering these statements we indeed agreed with them. Thus future skateboard designs will need to encompass a special Lighting and Safety Systems to prevent these problems. So most of the skateboards are made of wood and there are certain woods that are preferred by skateboard manufacturers.

The only possible system that can be used would be an LED Self Powered Lighting System run off magnets on the wheels or generating the energy as the skateboard goes over bumps. Now Consider the Shake-able flashlights if you will and how these could be integrated into the skateboard. Of course skateboards must stay small, light and maneuverable and thus the lighting system must be low wattage.

In common, the LED Lights are great because they can come in many different colors. For instance a Wipe Out could be a Red flashing light and High Level Rad Move, which was successfully accomplished could be Green. The board could have ground affects too which allowed it to change Board Color or Modify its color based on the pace of the tricks or speed of acceleration.

The skateboards of the future will have advanced lighting systems and most likely they will use low wattage LED Bulbs and circuit boards, which are light-weight and ultra bright. The rider would see the image in front of them and match its moves until they did it perfect and learned a new trick. Then the Advanced riders could create, sell or trade the programs online in Skateboard Image Exchanges.

In the end though, it all comes down to what board you want. A small skateboard can be a lot of fun, but it will not do anyone any good if you do not like it and feel comfortable on it. Then the Low wattage circuit boards could also generate Holographic Images to use as a Holographic Training System where new tricks learned.

Thus Choosing the right small skateboard design is really a matter of choice. There are so many to choose from that you should have no trouble finding something that you really like. So in future, there are many kinds of different designs which will be available and can be used

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Skate Store - Skateboard Lighting And Safety Systems:future Prospectus