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Small Actions Bring Big Savings

It is relatively easy to live energy efficiently (in Finnish

, energiatehokkuus). Small actions can make big savings: read the tips from here!

* Replace window and door seals on a regular basis. Seals embrittle with time, and will leak the heated or cooled air out from unwanted places.

* Ventilate efficiently and quickly, especially at cold weather. The most efficient way to ventilate is the cross-ventilation, where two windows across the rooms are opened. For this, 15 minutes is enough to change the air of the room.

* A thermometer is the most affordable energy-saving tool. One-degree drop in room temperature means a five percent decline in energy bill. During the longer period of absence, drop the room temperature in 12 -16 degrees of Celsius.

* Check heating equipment and home appliances regularly. If any malfunction is there to be found, repair it or call the maintenance man as soon as possible. Any malfunction can cost a lot of money for a longer run.

* The shower faucet flow of 12 liters per minute is enough, and with handwash basin six is just fine. There is no need to let the water run at faster speed.

* Take shower instead of bath. When bathing, the water consumption is five times more compared to the shower washing.

* When washing the colored clothes, raising the washing temperature from 40 degrees of Celsius to 60 degrees of Celsius will double the energy consumption. Prefer lower temperatures, if possible.

* Prefer sun, wind and outdoor air when drying the clothes. If you need to use the dryer, use the program suitable for clothes and select the right drying time.

* Instead of one large refrigeration, think of buying two smaller. Built-in refrigerators consume more electricity than freely placed ones. Placing the refrigerator in a half warm place like storage room or garage can drop refrigerators energy consumption by as much as half.

* New toilet seats consume water less than half compared to the older models. Think of changing when renovating the bathroom.

* Do shut the lights when leaving the room. If possible, use motion detector or system detecting the amount of light for controlling outdoor lightning.

Check that you store food in proper storage temperatures: 5 degrees of Celsius for refrigerator, for cooler 12 degrees and for freezer, minus 18 degree of Celsius.

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