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5 Yoga Mats For An Eco Friendly Practice

If you love yoga and like to be environmentally friendly, you might want to take your practice down to an ECO yoga mat. A mindful yoga practice can be enhanced with one that is friendly to the environment and to your body. Environmentally friendly mats are generally made from used material, can be biodegradable, recyclable and ultra hygienic. There are many brands offering compositions from a variety of materials with different qualities that may...more

Will Yoga Help Ease Back Pain? Part 4

It is estimated that around 80 million people in the United States regularly seek treatment for neck, shoulder and back pain. At this rate, it would be safe to say that only twenty percent of Americans are actually healthy and pain-free. However, there is good news for those who suffer from constant back pain. Yoga, which is a revered thousand-year practice, can be truly effective in treating back pain. Yoga is good for physically, emotionally...more Many entrepreneurs who present their business plan to me in the


Contemporary Yoga In Relation To The Classic Ashtanga Yoga

Maharshi Pathanjali, an adept who is known to have written the famous Yoga aphorisms (The Yoga Sutras of Pathanjali), which concisely describe the path and experiences of Yoga. Pathanjali describes constant practice and detachment as the means of Yoga. However, Pathanjali states that this practice becomes firmly established when properly and...more

The Various Advantages Of Yoga Classes?

You may know or at best read that taking yoga classes is perfect for you. Maybe even you've come to be interested and even got some yoga classes yourself a few times and found out for yourself that it truly can have you feeling much better. But have you actually thought of exactly what rewards they truly bring? And what particular stuff you...more

Which Are The Right Programs Of Yoga For Beginners?

Have you ever thought of becoming a yoga teacher? Even though people love yoga but dont give a serious thought to become a yoga teacher. Engineering, medical, hotel, journalism are some of the most popular career option among people. With more and more people joining the yoga classes to learn this beautiful art, the demand for toga teachers are increasing. Starting from the yoga studios to the online yoga programs, every yoga school or center are hiring yoga teachers to teach yoga to people. Its from the first day of your yoga class when you start enjoying your yoga class and decided to pursue your career in yoga. Of course, your parents didnt support as they wanted to you become a qualified doctor. Though, you were able to convince your parents on choosing yoga as a subject of study, you were confused on selecting the right place where you would be able to learn or know more about this four letter word yoga elaborately.India is the best place to learn yoga as this beautiful form of art originated from India. Though everyone wants to get peace in life, its yoga for meditation which helps people to get inner peace and mental satisfaction in life. Stretching and breathing exercises...more

Will Yoga Help Ease Back Pain? Part 3

For decades, many drugs and treatment modes have been formulated to fight back pain, and countless muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs have been marketed as the major cure for a painful back. A lot of back pain sufferers have also been known...more

How Yoga Helps You Grow Taller Faster

For many people, yoga has become a part of their stay-in-shape routine. You can find yoga classes and training videos everyplace you turn, and read about the benefits it provides. One of the benefits of yoga is that these exercises have even been...more

Coverage Is Key, Even For Yoga Teachers

Whether they are teaching a soothing, restorative yoga class or a blood-pumping, physical form of power yoga, or any one of the many kinds of yoga in between, all yoga instructors have several threads in common. For one, yoga instructors work with...more

Will Yoga Help Ease Back Pain? Part 2

Its often highlighted that yoga has an added spiritual context, and is more than just a mere exercise regimen. Doing yoga exercises, which includes meditation and other relaxation methods, can indeed significantly relieve stress, as well as bring a...more

Yoga Certifications

You can be one of those special people that make a career out of yoga. If you are interested in teaching yoga on a full time basis, you will need to get yourself a certification in the practice of yoga. You will need to provide yourself with a...more

Importance Of Yoga Certifications

Yoga teacher training is NOT something I would normally write about as a hardnosed health writer by after spending three weeks at Viniyoga Teacher Training as an observer I feel compelled to tell you about what I believe is the finest yoga teacher...more
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