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Storagetek Has Engineered L40 Automated Library For The Leading Sdlt And Dlt Tape Formats

Protecting and ensuring fast access to the huge amount of diverse data is challenging in todays E-business environment

. Tape libraries provide a solid platform for fast and efficient management of ever-increasing corporate data at an affordable price. It is a user-friendly tape library featuring the plug-and-play connectivity, thus allowing easy management and fast installation.

StorageTek is a global leader in tape automation and backup media solutions. StorageTek delivers a comprehensive range of automated tape library solutions designed to handle the pressure of heavy duty cycles and secure the data assets without compromising on performance. StorageTek L40 is a versatile tape library system that maximizes IT productivity, provides smooth scalability and supports the industry-leading tape formats including LTO, DLT and SDLT tape.

Up to 4 LTO1, LTO2, SDLT-220, SDLT-320 and DLT-8000 drives can be attached to this L40 library. Now the users have more flexibility as they can also use a combination of these tape drives. Another benefit of using multiple tape formats is that the customers investment will be protected from rapid technology changes. The library can handle up to 40 tape cartridges. Maximum native capacity achieved by L40 library is 8.0TB, whereas the data processing speed reaches 432 GB/hour (native).

L40 library is the ideal departmental and workgroup backup solution that servers the needs of various small data centers. It is also well-suited for demanding distributed environments. Proven reliability, low operating cost and a seamless upgrade path to the next generation L-series tape library makes StorageTek L-40 the best solution for automated storage and recovery demands. In comparison to the rival rack-and-stack solution, this compact L40 library requires less physical space.

Demand for secure and efficient backup systems in small and midrange business enterprises have also increased rapidly, because majority of them have migrated to E-commerce. Tape formats that are the most reliable for this segment are LTO3 media tape, SLR tape, AIT4 tape, DDS tape, AIT5 tape and VXA tape. This robust L40 tape library facilitates the business enterprises to deal with the rapidly growing demands at a superior value, while delivering the best total ownership cost.

L40 library offers choices in tape media technology and through its seamless upgrade path, the users can secure their tape library investment and enjoy the benefits of improved staff productivity. It is very user friendly; any administrator can easily operate, configure and install the L40 library. Whether your computing system is using Novell, UNIX, Microsoft Windows NT or Linux operating system, L40 tape library will deliver excellent performance and unparalleled reliability.

This StorageTek library clearly outperforms other rival libraries with its superior MTBF rating of 360,000 hours (full operation). Thanks to the new innovative Adaptive Media technology, you can simultaneously use multiple tape media formats. So the users can efficiently meet their specific data protection needs, as well as the demands of new advanced applications that your business decides to implement tomorrow. The library also features a web-based remote diagnostic mechanism that improves the operational efficiency and connects you to the library from remote locations.

by: Jessica McIntosh
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Storagetek Has Engineered L40 Automated Library For The Leading Sdlt And Dlt Tape Formats Daxi