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Strategic Planning Training Pointer Etiquette

In your strategic planning training session, you are bound to need pointers of some sort

. Pointers come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes available on the projector remote with corresponding switch or button and in some cases brought by presenters themselves.

Pointers are typically either red or blue and are also called lazer pointers. Lazer pointers have pretty much taken the place of the pointer stick in classrooms and boardrooms because they are easier to carry and you don't have to be in front in order to use them. Pointers are essential when emphasizing something on a screen and thus a constant companion during meetings. Some Usb mouse devices have a pointer you can use during your presentations.

As someone who facilitates strategic planning training, pointer is bound to be one of your best friends, though the question is do you actually know the rules that come with handling a pointer?

Correct etiquette 1 - Never ever point the light beam at anyone's eyes. Other than the fact that they are extremely distracting remember that lazers can also leave you blind. Not really a worry you want to have at your next class.

Correct etiquette 2 - Pointers are called pointers for a reason - they point. They aren't called highlighters, under-liners, encirclers or whatever else. They are pointers and are therefore used to point. Some facilitators actually run pointers across words, encircle them and visually underline the words on the projector screen. First, this is not at all effective and second it is extremely irritating on the eyes to see light streaking across your projector screen.

Correct etiquette 3 - Don't point the pointer at someone you are trying to call out. Yes, it looks like a gun target and some people might find this amusing. However, in a professional setting, they are extremely irritating and are unprofessional and obviously distracting.

Now that you know the basic rules when it comes to using your pointer, you will definitely be a better facilitator. Don't forget to use these tips in your next strategic planning training session for much more fluid and effective training.

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