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3 Strategies To Recover After Stumbling During A Speech

As a university student, I was assigned to give a presentation to the class. I was nervous. Perhaps, it was the setting of the class, where it seemed the students were too close to me. I practiced several hours for this presentation, and had my note cards ready. I dont remember the exact topic, but the class covered Texas government and politics. The instructor called my name, and I made my way to the front of the classroom. My heart was racing,...more

Some Unique Strategies To Adorn Morning Meal In A Bed Tray

To creatively beautify breakfast in a bed tray, create a motif and also menu for your own breakfast tray, set an ornamental base for your tray, set the dishes up on your tray, put decorations and also other special items, include a wrapped gift on the breakfast tray, and complete your tray along with finishing touches. Whether it's for a wedding anniversary, birthday celebration, or any special day, a breakfast in a bed tray helps make a...more

Keep The Lesson Flowing - 5 Classroom Management Strategies

5 Classroom Management Strategies to Keep the Lesson Flowing and Keep Students on TaskThere will undoubtedly be students who don"t understand, students who don"t want to understand, and students who finish before everyone else. This will cause you problems unless you"re prepared for it by having strategies and systems in place to prevent and deal with disruptions. A student who needs support, for example, will demand your attention by shouting out, getting out of their chair or, if they are left too long, messing about and distracting others. Here are some ways to reduce and manage problems so as to keep the lesson flowing.1. Use routinesLet"s take an obvious action that happens a hundred times a day "" a student getting the teacher"s attention by the simple raising of a hand. Even this needs a routine because students need to be taught responsibility. They aren"t going to learn to solve their own problems if they get used to enjoying immediate support and assistance every time they put their hand up or ask for help. Imagine thirty young people all demanding immediate and individual attention from you at the same time!A "self-check/teacher/partner" routine frees the teacher up from...more

Classroom Management Strategies For Dealing With Silly Behaviour

Classroom Management Strategies for Dealing With Silly BehaviourHere"s a classroom management strategy for dealing with silly students "" the ones that disrupt lessons with immature, attention-seeking behaviour. I"ve often found that those students who "need" to show off and crave attention benefit from being given the opportunity to do exactly...more

Classroom Management Strategies To Deal Students With No Interest In The Lesson

A student who has no interest in lessons and anything you say and do can have a terrible impact on the rest of the class. What you must remember however is that this student probably wants to succeed "" most do, at heart - but has virtually given up due to a succession of failures, discouragement and low self image. It may take time to reach this...more

Classroom Management Strategies: A Questioning Technique

Classroom management strategies: a Questioning Technique to Grab Your Students" Attention and Get Them InvolvedBefore I present a near fool-proof way of getting a challenging group of students involved at the start of the lesson let"s look at something you should try to avoid: asking the wrong type of questions. It"s the most effective way to lose their interest. Many teachers will start a lesson with a question relating to the topic focus. For example, in a lesson on the circulatory system, the opening question might be: "How many of you can explain what a blood vessel is?"Questions like this may generate some participation but for every hand that goes up there will be ten more that don"t. Most of the students, particularly in a low ability or challenging group, will simply ignore this question because it demands something they don"t like to (or cannot) display "" evidence of prior knowledge about the subject. Let"s face it, in a challenging group it"s not always cool to know the answers.A reliable way to get more of your students involved at the start of the lesson "" particularly the non-volunteers who don"t seem to want to learn - is simply to change the type of questions you...more

Proven Strategies To Make A Relationship Work

Having a difficult time in your relationship is something you can now deal with by simply following a few vital steps that are meant to make a relationship work. You have to be prepared for this process as it may take a few months or even years to...more

Six Safe Strategies To Install A Second Storey Addition To A House Foundation

In case you're thinking of adding a second storey to your present house, you need to assess the existing foundation, ascertain area required, reinforce foundation, remove the roof, develop the ceiling and also walls, and put trusses. As your...more

Day Trading Strategies For Beginners

Talking about day trading, the term means buying and selling of stocks or indexes within the same day. Doing so, can be profitable for some and a matter of loss for others. The fate entirely depends upon your skills and knowledge about the market. To...more

Coping Strategies For Recovering Addicts

For people addicted to drugs or alcohol, recovery is a never-ending process. They begin their treatments with detoxifications that can take only days to remove physical dependencies on drugs. They then undergo intensive treatment programs which can...more

5 Strategies To Damage Your Dream Of Being A Star In 2011!

There are numerous diverse paths to stardom. Irrespective of whether your dream will be to be a star singer, dancer, actor, writer, director, composer, wardrobe professional, make-up artist, or other craft Quite a few factors have an effect on your...more

4 Logic Behind Why Using Swing Trading Strategies Is Beneficial

By all means, swing trading is one of the most popular trading strategies used by many Forex traders. The primary feature used to identify this trading strategy is the use of medium time frame for trading in the market. Swing trading has basic or...more
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