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Taobao Circuit City Has A Price Advantage

Beginning of this year, Taobao has once again released a new home

. Unlike in the past, Taobao Taobao Mall and the first time in the Home Circuit City, the mall is now formally launched.

New home to strengthen the role of the new guide

According to a notice Taobao, Taobao new home page will be enhanced search functions, page navigation and a helpful guide for new users. Hotels reporters Alibaba

, Lottery, online games and so on several channels. Can see Taobao basic including several sub-sections present a number of hot business, and many even before Taobao never officially involved in before.

Related public relations official said Alibaba, Taobao, change the home page will Taobao fact is the "big Taobao strategy" completely unfolded. Taobao Taobao Circuit City is on the electrical

Sell The direct impact of the industry, scouring rivers and lakes are hoping to do something hot in the SNS field, digital entertainment is to follow the many online video sites, travel tickets are coveted Ctrip

States United States No the two giants are settled intention (state briefly settled in the United States is out). Taobao Mall on the current

Home Appliances Digital Plate of view, it's a platform for far more important than the role of dealers. Online Shop is most proud to see the price advantage, Taobao Mall of commodity prices compared to GOME, Suning, and other traditional stores is relatively cheaper to settled in the Mall of Skyworth's a 42-inch Skyworth 42L03RF the best product for the cases, a mall in the price of 6199 yuan, while the store's offer was 6,799 yuan, a difference of 600. But mall to buy 99 yuan to pay shipping, but you can buy at retail outlets, free shipping; stores offer and the final transaction price of a price difference between the existence of another, if the purchase of holiday promotions, often with large discounts, and some gifts, compared two-phase down converted, Mall of the final price advantage is not large. However, sales in the ordinary look Taobao among the basic channels to compress 20% of the cost, can be considered a good option for consumers.

's Observation Lavish large network to provide more choice and experience

Taobao Taobao new home page exposure ambitions. But it would like to have been involved in the basic areas of pioneer and successful, such as airline tickets in the field of Ctrip, net purchases of digital home appliances and new eggs Jingdong. Haitian justice in forest science and technology that Taobao's net, even a bit too big, they may not necessarily achieve the desired result. Amoy lakes such as Taobao, is follow the trend of SNS site, but the site in 2009 has reached almost peak time Taobao choose to enter, do they wise? In interviews, related public relations official said Alibaba, Taobao will only show more choices and experiences to users. But the extravagance in such a large network can continue to succeed, we will wait and see.

Local News The new push to upgrade Telecom PHS

Package PRC recently, China Telecom Guangdong Company launched the Tianyi PHS handset upgrade discount, PHS users can enjoy half a year after the upgrade transit security number (or the original call can be transferred to the new PHS Tianyi phone) and communications needs of the user launch a variety of different packages. PHS customers to choose according to their own e my home, commercial pilot course, get a free phone a designated Tianyi; enjoy the city, then as low as 0.11 yuan / minute, national calls free of charge and other benefits; choose Tianyi and chat, the public, China Wind packages, according to Li Bao purchase price; and enjoy the city, then as low as 0.11 yuan / minute, long distance as low as 0.09 yuan / minute and other benefits.

Mobile long distance calls to implement a fee system

PRC Guangdong China Telecom Corporation recently issued a notice that since January 1, 2010 onwards, the implementation of province-wide direct-dial long-distance mobile telephone system for a fee that, Guangdong China Telecom's mobile phone users in the local direct dial domestic, international and Taiwan, Hong Kong phone, only long-distance charge

Communicate Fee, no charge local basic costs; mobile phone roaming state in the country and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao make international phone calling is not subject to domestic roaming call charges, international or Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao only receive telephone calls. This adjustment does not involve a fee system for IP phones.

Minsheng Bank customers have online shopping discount appliances

PRC this month, Minsheng Bank customers Suning Tesco shopping network, just pay for the use of Minsheng Bank Internet Banking payment, minimum payment amount you can enjoy the Group buy price of 2,000 yuan. Leaflet orders over 2000 dollars which can be straight down 30 yuan, 5,000 yuan straight down over 70 per 10,000 yuan over straight down 160.

Taobao Circuit City Has A Price Advantage

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Taobao Circuit City Has A Price Advantage