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The 4 Helpful Tips To Make Women Remember You

The 4 Helpful Tips To Make Women Remember You

Women are mostly approached by men and have seen it all- especially the hot

, attractive ones. As a guy, you want to stand out from the rest of men that have approached her. It's important that you make her remember you, though not just as "the guy from the club" or the "guy with too much wax on his hair" but rather as the guy who made her feel special even in just a few moments.

Here's a fact, 99% of men do the exact same things to every woman they meet and so the end result is that they are forgotten easily. Now, here are some tips for you to separate yourself from the pack and be the alpha male, making you her best choice.

1. Use your sense of humor.

The best way to do this is be a cocky-funny guy. The two must go together, not just cocky, but also funny. Women especially beautiful ones are already fed up with guys kissing their ass. But if you approach her in a rather arrogant BUT humorous manner, she'll be put at ease a lot easier. Since she thinks she got the upper hand in the situation, she's been through a lot with "cocky" guys, let her think so, but you know that you are the one in control.
The 4 Helpful Tips To Make Women Remember You

2. Demonstrate that you are of higher value.

It's easy to get a woman to remember you if they feel that they are in the presence of someone important. Prove to her that you have a higher status as a male. Women want to be with guys who can potentially be good providers. Okay, even without the money, fame, and power, you can still convince her that you are in a higher status still by telling her specific stories and sharing some insights, it's smart and women like it.

3. Ask engaging questions.

Engaging meaning not the ones that will put her on defensive. Most guys who approach a woman ask her questions like she's on an interview. These are boring questions, and she could probably tell before you even ask it. This is one sure way to kill attraction instantly. Instead of the usual, "what's your job?", make it more engaging by saying "what makes your job interesting?" in a cocky-funny sort of way.

Also, ask questions which directly addresses her emotions. It could involve drama, excitement, humor, something to stir her up rather than the usual. By sparking her emotions, you'll get a higher point for attraction.

4. Be an exciting person.

Convince her that you are not a bore. Women, like men also want adventure in their lives. Give her an impression that she can also do some exciting things when she's with you. Tell her interesting and funny stories about your adventures, trips, etc. These stories could help showcase the fact that you are a fun person to be with. Like even when you go out on an event, tell her how great it was and that you enjoyed yourself. This way, she'll think of you as the daring and adventurous type which is sexy for women.

So here are the 4 simple tips to help you guys out there trying to approach a woman- and making her remember you. Remember these tips whenever you go out, and it wouldn't hurt to practice so you won't sound too rehearsed or nervous- which can totally screw everything up. Be the alpha male and stand out from the crowd, and see the difference.

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The 4 Helpful Tips To Make Women Remember You