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Tips On Child Safety in the Home

Tips On Child Safety in the Home

Child safety is an important issue for many parents and there are various things they can be doing to ensure it is covered off, from baby bed guards to window locks.

One of the first things that you may want to fit when your child becomes mobile is a stair gate (also called a stair guard). These will fit across the top and/or the bottom of the stairs depending on where you and your child are situated. They form a barrier to either the child falling down the stairs from the top or to prevent the child from climbing up the stairs from the bottom and either falling down the stairs or through the stair hand rails.

As well as the stairs you will also want to make sure that you secure windows and in particular any windows which are upstairs. There are many window locks on the market which you can either fit yourself or you may want to get a handyman to come in a fit them for you. They are either key locks which fit to the actual window frame or there are bolts that can fit to the lever handles of windows. Many new window designs come with locks incorporated as part of the handle mechanisms and these are always worth getting if they are an option when buying new windows.

You should also think about your child's safety when they are in their beds. When your child moves out of their cot into a bigger bed there is the risk that they will fall out of bed as they sleep. This can obviously result in injury or at the least it results in a broken night's sleep for your child and you. You should therefore use baby bed guards of some sort to form a barrier to stop your child from rolling out of bed.

Finally you might like to consider fitting small catches to any drawers and low level cupboards around the house. Children are naturally very inquisitive and will want to get into all these places where they are not supposed to. You can fit small plastic catches to the inside of drawers and cupboards that allow you to access them but which should keep your kids out.

So if you are wanting to keep your children safe make sure you look into getting stair gates, bed guards, window locks and safety catches for drawers and cupboards.
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