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Ways To Attract Women - 3 Unconventional But Effective Ways To Make A Woman Want You

Ways To Attract Women - 3 Unconventional But Effective Ways To Make A Woman Want You

Sometimes, it can be a good thing to go against convention

. After all, why do the same exact things that everyone else is doing, right? If you want to know some good ways to attract women, then you definitely need to think outside of the box a little. That's something that the average guy is not going to do, because he assumes that there is too much risk involved. Well, like they say, no risk equals no reward.

Here are 3 unconventional but effective ways to attract a woman:

1) Be totally direct about your real interests in her.

It's funny that being totally direct about what your interest in a woman is would be unconventional, but when you look at the way that most guys try to attract women... it is. Most guys are trying to put on some kind of an act to get a woman to like them. They may try to do the friend thing, they may try to be the nicest guy that they can be. Whatever their approach is, it's an indirect one. It's more like they are trying to come across as something other than what they really are. A guy who thinks the woman is attractive and therefore would like to date her.

2) Question her thoughts and beliefs and ideas.

This is another thing that surprisingly goes against convention, yet you would think it would be the norm. Your average guy does not question much that a woman says. He just takes it in with a goofy grin on his face, like everything that she says is gold. You might be surprised at how much a woman will want to be around you if you are one of the few guys that actually does pose questions to her beliefs and ideas. You don't have to attack them, just question them the way that you would if she was not a woman you wanted to date. In other words, be honest.

3) Tease her about little things that are unique to her, but be playful about it.

If you are playful when you tease a woman about anything that is kind of unique to her, it almost always goes over well unless she has really low self esteem. Like, say that she has a unique curl about her hair and you tease her about those curls, but you do it in a way that is playful and not harmful. Teasing in that kind of way will get her smiling, giggling, and feeling like she can have some fun around you.

by: Chris Tyler
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