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We All Know Cell Phones Emit Radiation: What About Touch Screen Phones?

The advantages of smartphones are nearly undisputed

, and their advantages are well-known. Sadly, virtually everything that looks too good to be true is, and many of recent mankinds improvements have come with catches that have frequently even eclipsed their benefits. Do touch screen phones possess a shady side too, a rotten underbelly that is frequently overlooked?

Everybody knows that cell phones discharge different degrees of radiation that may in some instances, with severe, long-term exposure, be bad for our body. What about touch-screen phones? Do they also serve up large portions of dangerous radiation which will ultimately rain down illness and harm on their users?

Sadly, yes, touch screen phones have been analyzed extensively, and they do emit radiation. Luckily, though, the human body can absorb good amounts of touch screen phone radiation with no ill-effects. It is well recognized that the radiation produced by smartphones, much like the number of calories in candy, isn't good for the body. What is not well known is just how much of this radiation our bodies can process without exhibiting unhealthy outcomes, growing growths, or mutating into beings with superhuman powers.

Smartphones dont usually arrive packaged with radiation emissions readings, however, many scientists and investigators who study the impact of cellular and smartphone radiation on the human body feel they ought to. The complete scope of the enduring results of cell and touch screen phone radiation on our bodies is not entirely comprehended. Till it is, however, many leading scientists recommend that users stay with the cell phone and smartphones that give off the smallest amounts of radiation feasible.

iPhone users shall be very happy to learn that their cherished cell phones rate very low in touch screen phone radiation emissions listings. The iPhone 3G, among Apples versions with the lowest discharges, provides the 22nd smallest degree of radiation emissions in the overall touch screen phone marketplace. Newer products, the 3GS and the iPhone 4, rate 39th and 36th correspondingly.

Other smartphones with reduced radiation discharges consist of a variety of Nokia units - the N96, the E90, the 9300, and the 7710 among the most notable - and a few Samsung units - the Gravity, the Impression, and the Propel Pro standing out amongst their brothers. The Blackberry Storm and the T-Mobile MDA Wiza200 in addition made top 10 very least radiation pollutants list.

At the other end of the range, in case you have a Motorola smartphone, you ought to cover your head in aluminum foil prior to utilizing it. 9 different Motorola smartphone models made the top twenty highest radiation emissions list. The Motorola Droid ranked the terrible of these with an astounding amount of radiation. Other touch screen phones with high radiation emissions consist of three Blackberrys - the Curve, the Bold, and the Pearl - and two T-Mobile smartphones - the MyTouch 3G and the Shadow. The Palm Treo 600, the Palm Treo 650, and the Sony Ericsson P910a furthermore made the top twenty largest radiation emissions list.

Radiation emissions on this list were calculated in watts per kilogram with the most severe offender giving off 1.55 watts of radiation per kilogram and the top model only 0.68.

by:Patrick Maaske
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We All Know Cell Phones Emit Radiation: What About Touch Screen Phones?