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What is the truth about child safety gates

What is the truth about child safety gates

It really is amazing how easy children can hurt themselves. It's equally amazing how easy it is to prevent that from happening. The way things are speeding along and developing in decade or two we won't hardly have to worry about a thing. Of course, it isn't that way now and it wasn't that way in the past. Child safety gates weren't always around.

Before I was born (barely) my family was visiting my grandmother who had Diabetes. One of my brothers was just a baby at the time and he happened to wander into the bathroom find some "candy" and eat them all up. His blood sugar levels dropped so low it's a wonder he's still alive. That's thanks to the doctors and the amount of orange juice they gave him. Point is, that wasn't all that long ago. Sure child safety gates weren't widely available like they are now but just the same the types of medicine we have now weren't available either. And I don't mean to say that it's easier to save a child with medicine. I mean to say that there are a whole lot more types of "candies" for them to get into.

So really, why not buy child safety gates?

We've all seen the commercials way back when with the animals singing a song about finding stuff under the drain. Fact of the matter remains that children don't know better and it is all too real of a chance that they can drink a chemical and die. I remember once thinking bleach was water. Or what about the stories of kids playing in the dryer or some other appliance? These are VERY real and VERY scary situations when simple child safety gates can save their lives!

I purchased the superyard XT for that very reason. I'm not too lazy to buy child safety gates. These stories are horrible but really ? So what is the truth about Child safety gates? They're just that: safety for children. So seriously now, go buy your child safety gates before you tell your own horror story.

Here is what users have to say:

"I used this play yard gate as a fence in my living room for a few weeks in order to allow a larger play area, but my 1 yr old quickly figured out how to move it and get out. So I rearranged it into a rectangle. The play yard allows a fair amount of space and she pulls herself up without tipping it over. It was pretty difficult for me to connect the last pieces together and I can't get them apart now. Amazon had a better price on this than any other store locally or online."
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