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What To Do About Safety On Construction Sites

Putting your workers at risk is unacceptable, we all know that

, which is why safety on construction sites is so very important. Why would we have so much legislation and regulation if that werent the case? Taking this into consideration, you should be aware that the best way to maintain and increase awareness of safety issues on any construction site is to offer training.

tis doesn't have to be closed, classroom training. On-the-job training is as, if not more valid. However, its worth noting that we should all take responsibility for the safety of any site, and as such, rely on our co-workers to keep us safe in many situations.

The ridiculously high number of fatalities in the construction industry can be reduced dramatically if we take time to consider safety on construction sites a little more. Indeed, we work in one of the most dangerous industries on earth, and while the nature of our jobs ensures we have a good degree more common sense than most about structural dangers, training is of utmost importance to keep ahead of any dangers we might face.

Flooring, worker movement and hand tools are the most common cause of accidents in the construction workplace, and being aware of safety on construction sites means you should take into consideration all of those points. There are many more though, and a safe worker is a worker who is aware of the points below.

Being au-fait with first aid is key to making sure dangers don't escalate to death. Do you know how to properly treat an injured person? And if you don't do you know who does? Those working on scaffolding might not have erected it, so are less aware of the risks than they should be. With this in mind, its worth noting that falling or dropping items is not the only danger when considering safety on construction sites. We use tools every day, but do we really know how to handle them as safely as possible? Probably not. If you've been injured by work youve done in the industry, you may have more respect for the dangers now. Makes sense doesn't it. Treat power tools with respect, or you will almost certainly have some kind of accident.

Are you conversant in chemical safety? Even if you do not work directly with chemicals listed as harmful, you should know how to deal with the daily routine handling and use of them. Be sure to check the legislation on this matter, as the regulations regarding safety on construction sites change regularly.

The day-to-day running of a site seems something that comes naturally to us, but the more we take these safety considerations for granted, the more we endanger ourselves and others. Finding and attending regular training courses, and following established safety plans is something we all do to a lesser degree than we should. In terms of safety on construction sites, theres little that could be considered overkill. Of course, we al need to get the job done, but if that comes at the cost of human life, or injury to a co-worker, then we can easily be seen to have failed.

by:Martin Sejas
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