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Will Yoga Help Ease Back Pain? Part 3

For decades, many drugs and treatment modes have been formulated to fight back pain

, and countless muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs have been marketed as the major cure for a painful back. A lot of back pain sufferers have also been known to just stay put, and endure the pain brought about by this ailment, either because of ignorance or fear.

The incessant discomfort brought about by this condition can be truly taxing to the person, both physically and emotionally. Doing simple household or work-related tasks can be a truly tough one for back pain sufferers, and most patients also are forced to spend large sums of money for invasive and sometimes addictive treatment forms.

Whats good about practicing yoga is that, theres ample evidence to indicate that the exercise and meditation routines of yoga help a lot in reducing back, neck and shoulder pain, as well in rehabilitating and reinforcing the bodys muscles and joints.

Theres a popular notion, which stresses that bed rest is the best remedy for back pain. However, I must stress that keeping the body moving, as well as keeping the circulation flowing by doing gentle exercises, should do more to ease back pain. Remember that you need to listen to your body, as well as avoid exerting too much pressure on it.

Its estimated that around 65 million individuals in the United States suffer from back pain, and if you happen to be one of these, then you should try getting yourself in a yoga class. Yoga is a meditative and relaxing form of exercise, which you need to take part in, regardless of your age or ethnicity.

A lot of studies have shown that yoga offers more benefits as compared to other conventional forms of exercise. The relaxation exercises, meditation sessions, stretching and breathing routines of yoga are great at reducing pressure on the back, neck and shoulders.

Undertaking a mixture of yoga postures should help to align and reinforce the spine, and therefore speed-up the bodys ability to recover. If these exercises are done on a regular basis, youll be sure to enjoy long-term benefits, and need not spend for costly and possibly addictive medical treatments.

Getting into a regular routine of yoga exercise is a good habit to adopt. It is good to start with a short time of exercise say, 30 minutes in the morning and building up gradually to perhaps an hour or one and a half hours. Most classes run for one and a half hours. Try it and see.

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Will Yoga Help Ease Back Pain? Part 3