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Wiring Your Aftermarket Car Radio With An Iso Adaptor

If you want to remove your factory-fitted car radio its vital you know what youre doing

, and its also important to have the right equipment. Anyone who has installed an aftermarket car radio before will reiterate these sentiments. Luckily, ISO harness adaptors have been specifically designed and manufactured for this purpose.

Instead of cutting through swathes of your cars wiring, these handy pieces of kit connect with most units. And theyre available for the majority of vehicle make and models.

So, if youre looking to install your own car radio or entertainment system, why do it the hard way? ISO harness adaptors provide the platform for customising your audio experience on the road.

Making the right connections

Ripping out and replacing your factory car radio neednt be hard work. Indeed, those thoughtful UK aftermarket radio manufacturers have done their best to make it as simple as possible. How? Lets break it down.

There is only one standard connection when installing a new unit. All thats needed is a harness adaptor to provide the crucial missing link.The reason for this is that aftermarket units all have ISO wiring. The adaptor is the handy piece of kit that connects your new radio to the cars existing connection.

So, in other words, your existing connection connects to your ISO harness adaptor, which connects to your ISO wired aftermarket head unit.That useful adaptor sandwiched in the middle is vital. Without it, nothing will work. Youre simply left with a bunch of wires and an incompatible connection. Furthermore, theyre not likely to make friends and join up any time soon.

How does this magical connection work? As already touched upon, your standard factory connection plugs into the harness adaptor. The aftermarket radios ISO wiring then connects to this. Youll find that the adaptor will typically have two 8 pin connectors which can be one block with two halves, or two connectors.

In-car entertainment the way you like it

Why even bother with an aftermarket car radio? Well, weve already found out that with the correct equipment you can easily replace a factory version. This opens up a number of in-car audio opportunities. For drivers who really value their in-car entertainment a tailored aftermarket unit often offers no compromise.

Often aftermarket models will have enhanced functionality compared to their factory counterparts. Many manufactures also boast of better sound quality. But remember: ISO adaptors will connect to power and speakers only and not steering controls too.

So, there we have it. With one useful ISO adaptor you can make the simple transition between a factory-fitted car radio and an aftermarket unit.

Search for a bespoke stockist to find out how to purchase the appropriate equipment for the make and model of your vehicle. From then on you can begin to build a customised in-car entertainment system!

by:Rachel Hutchinson
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