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Safest Pregnancy Yoga Author: Moon AtlandAyurvedas beauty care basic yoga principles of stretching, breathing, and meditation address many needs pregnant woman doing yoga the laboring mother to be. Regular, focused stretching, for example, aids the body’s flexibility, which in turn, assists in labor and delivery. A supple body is far better able to accept the rigors of birthing. In addition, a pregnant woman practicing yoga becomes in tune with her body strengths...more
Practice Yoga with Spirit Voyage Audio Instruction CDs Author: Karan KhalsaYoga, the classical Vedic philosophy of tying mind, body and soul in a single chord, is derived from the word 'yuj' which means to unite, to yoke or to join. So yoga means reunion with the divine soul. Yoga guides an individual into investigating the human being's inner world and the nature of reality. From the ancient Vedic scriptures to Guru or spiritual teacher to Shisya or spiritual student, yoga with its...more
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