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Treatment Of Thyroid Problem With Yoga

The thyroid gland is considered as one of the largest endocrine glands in the body. It is most often confused with parathyroid glands. It is found in the neck, below to the thyroid cartilage and at approximately the same level as the cricoid gland. The thyroid gland maintains how quickly the body uses energy, makes proteins, and controls how sensitive the body should be to other hormones. The gland produces two types of hormones in order to...more

Specific Bikram Yoga Poses

Though Bikram yoga poses are challenging and involve greater physical activity, there are various poses that can suit people of different abilities and so whether you are a novice or experienced you can pick the type of pose that you feel the most comfortable with and provided you can stand the heat, there will be nothing stopping you from achieving a better state of health and fitness.Specific Bikram Yoga Poses By: lisa lucero ...more

What Yoga Can Do For Runners

Yoga is popularly identified with muscle relaxation, slow movements, deep breathing. While running is, well, not any of those. Unbeknown to many is the harmony in the body created by the combination of these two exercise forms.These two forms have the same important elements, which aren't that obvious except to one who has done both.Look at the key elements of running and Yoga. Both forms of exercise have:-Flexibility-Breathing techniques-Discipline-Concentration-PracticeYoga improves a runner's functioning, and more. It ushers in a crucial angle to the athletes' training routines. From among Yoga's numerous benefits to the body, runners gain improved accuracy and precision. This prevents their acquiring any harmful effects from their running activity.The benefits to a runner's body from yoga have been proven. For instance, a one-mile run is equated to one foot striking the ground one thousand times. In addition, the hips and lower limbs get to absorb the runner's weight three to four times more while running. This can become the source of body stiffness, injury and pain, commonly experienced by many runners.But these harmful experiences in the...more

No Joke: Mom Brings 4-year-old To Hot Yoga Class

When I attend Bikram yoga (a.k.a. "hot yoga") class, my body goes into survival mode. Twenty-six postures in a 104-degree room for 90 minutes is an intense -- make that extreme -- workout. So you can imagine my shock this weekend when a mommy yogi brought her 4-year-old into the studio. Really?! Was this a good idea?Hot-yoga creator Bikram...more

Stop Tiredness…Practice Yoga

If you include yoga as part of your daily life, you'll gain all of its benefits. You can recharge your energy and stop tiredness from taking over. Soon, you'll not only practice yoga…you'll love it and live it.Stop Tiredness…Practice Yoga By: Chloe Wodard About the Author Chloe Wodard is a freelance writer....more

Yogas Six Secrets Of Longevity

Yogas six secrets of longevity and they are: 1. Proper Physical LaborEarlier people had to use their physical bodies in their every days of life. But present day many persons just wake up, use car to go their office, then sit down, leave the sit to go home on the car and when arriving at home, just sit to have a rest. In this modern life standard there is no physical labor. This physical idleness is the main causes of number of diseases. Waling, running, Sport and other physical activity should be added to our daily life if our normal task does not need is to put forth ourselves physically. To make your healthy life, yoga teacher training has some special exercises that are also prescribed and we will talk about them more completely below. 2. Going to sleep when one feels sleepyThis seems simple but many people stay late night, while their body is not allowing them to stay and body want to go for sleep. Ayurvedic and Yoga doctors also talk that it is enhanced to sleep in the night and be energetic throughout the day. Though, students or some of the professionals use to take coffee and drinks to stay late in the night. Many make a habit of staying active at night and sleeping all...more

Choosing The Right Yoga Class For You

Another popular class that is getting a lot of buzz is the Bikram yoga class. This is a style of yoga that is performed in a heated room, and it's also called hot yoga. Ideally the room should be heated to about 105F or 40C. There are a series...more

The Point Of A Yoga Sandbag

Many different yoga classes are being offered at gyms everywhere that will use a yoga sandbag for their exercises. If you do not want to use the one that the gym will supply you for use, then suggestions are that you get on the Internet to have a...more

A Yoga Mat Carrier Has Many Advantages

Through the process of yoga there are some essentials like a yoga mat carrier that you should bring with you for comfort and safety from slipping and small falls from the different positions that you will have to do. Once you have found the products...more

If Deep Breathing Is a Principle of Yoga, Why Not Breathe That Way 24/7?

If these people have discovered the benefits of breathing for their health, their sports, their sleep, and their careers, imagine what it can do for you. Continue with your yoga but make diaphragmatic breathing a habit and I guarantee you will notice...more

Yoga Workout Suggestions: Warming Up As Well As Hydration

Yoga exercise includes different facets of exercise. There's absolutely no doubt-you must warm-up before you start running. Make it a habit every time you run to warm-up. It is an integral part of your yoga aerobic exercise. You can avoid...more

What Is A Round Yoga Bolster?

For Many Applications the round yoga bolster is what you need to support your neck and spine during workouts, especially when you have to put your head down to do some of the moves that your instructor is going to require you to do. These cylindrical...more
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