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Wellness By Yoga-understanding Yoga Through Yoga Experts Or Gurus. It has repeatedly been said that Yoga should not be practiced apart from under the direct guidance of a Guru. This is certainly true of more elaborate, higher phases of Yoga, but there are certain, aspects of Yoga which can be learned through the printed word and by photos and diagrams., Yoga philosophy and psychology, hygiene and diet, instructions in Pranayama and basic, Asanas plus encouragement to embark upon the Yogic Path are all areas of...more
Yoga Mats -3 Different Things To Do With Them Time and again our customers come up with different uses for their yoga mats. Clearly a yoga mat is just meant for yoga but we have to admit some of these alternative uses are so creative it does make us wonder. So, in time honoured tradition, we have come up with 3 almighty, spectacular and in no particular order - different uses for our yoga mat products:1.Hallway runner. Lets be honest, you wouldn"t use an ekotex mat for the hallway. But what...more
3 More Things To Do With Your Yoga Mat Our last blog on things to with your yoga mat proved so popular we have decided to come up with 3 more. As creative as ever we thought we would give your here1.Camping. Yes we know your yoga mat is not a mattress but think about all those times when you were in savasana and, instead of relaxing, you found yourself dozing off. That too, could be you. Out in a field, in a tent or simply looking up at the stars you could have the best nights sleep you have had in a long time. But what, you might say, if you already have a camping bed? Lets face it, most of us yogis are not shy from doing a bit of camping on the side so it is probably no surprise if you have a camping bed as well. The thing is about camping is that space is always a bit tight. At some point you are bound to stretch out and want to do a few sun salutations in your bikini out in the field somewhere so just taking your yoga mat and leaving behind your camping bed is, in the long run going to save you some space either on the way to your trip or on the way back2.Wall decoration. OK, so a bit obscure this one, but, if you dont have much storage space why dont you hang your yoga mat on the wall when you get back from the...more
Wholesale Yoga Mats We are quite often asked how we started in the world of wholesale yoga mats. It is definitely a case of trial and error, making sure you get the right wholesale mat suppliers and above all else making sure the yoga mats are of the best quality for the price.Selecting your wholesale yoga matsSelecting yoga mats that you want to wholesale can often be the most difficult task of all. You need to...more
Implementing Of Yoga For Bodyweight Reduction With Yoga Seekers. Forty or Fifty decades previously, a quite a few of people nonetheless failed to know the real difference between Yoga and Yogurt. Nowadays, Yoga is so wide-spread that it can be mainly a family term. However it is really quite effectively set up nowadays, it doesn't imply that general public in fact understands what Yoga is. There are plenty of myths about Yoga which can be instructed by...more
What Makes Hot Yoga Popular People living in metropolitan cities inhale a lot of toxin. The pollution level is rising throughout the world. The life expectancy not only of the infants but of people of any age is dwindling. The environmental issues like pollution and global warming are however not the only reason for such a scenario. The habits inculcated by people topped with their sedentary life style can attract nothing more than poor health, low enthusiasm and low life expectancy. Therefore, people should actively inculcate active lifestyle habits. It include, visiting gym or a fitness club, maintaining a minimum exercise regimen for a week or for a month. However, if you are interested in taking a roundabout turn towards your heydays then there is nothing better than inculcating the habit of following a yoga regimen. There are several types of yoga sessions like hatha yoga and hot yoga that a person can join to enjoy the benefits it offers. However, considering the requirements of a person to keep a balance between his day to day activities and focus on his health, there is nothing better than sessions of hot yoga.There are several benefits that make hot yoga popular and one of the most sought after yoga...more
Why Hiring Heaters For Bikram Yoga Rooms Is Best Bikram Yoga is hot in more ways than one. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, David Beckham and George Clooney are all hooked. Ask any gym or leisure club manager in Britain which new exercise activity is all the rage with the general public and Bikram Yoga is what our members...more
How To Select A Yoga Class That Is Right For You Almost every day, it seems, there is a new style of yoga being hailed by the sports media and a new yoga class opening. Choosing which one to attend can become a little overwhelming so sometimes people just put it on the back burner. If this is you, then fear no more. We are going to explore what...more
Improve Your Life In Melbourne With Yoga Improve Your Life In Melbourne With Yoga Yoga originated in ancient India and the main aim was to attain spiritual serenity through meditation. But with time, Yoga has evolved a lot. Apart from the spiritual peace, the physical health is also given priority. The western world has also embraced Yoga because of immense physical and mental...more
Prenatal Yoga Prepares Your Body During Pregnancy Pregnancy is a period of quite a few expectations, filled with both, the fear and the joy of having a baby. It is a time when your body goes through a variety of physical and mental changes. Yoga has been known to be a beneficial way to deal with changes of the body and mind during pregnancy in...more
Slim Yoga Relaxing To The Dream Weight Relaxation, a conscious diet plan and exercise the simple formula of Slim Yoga promises quick and lasting weight loss. The combination of Far East exercise techniques with Western nutritional research is supposed to lead to a new lifestyle with a healthy diet and figure-shaping yoga. The new US...more
Yoga - A Style Of Improved Living Yoga is a generic term for a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline originating in Ancient India. Specifically, Yoga aims to use meditation movement to attain spiritual insight and tranquility.Hundreds of thousands of people in over 90 countries have experienced that yoga leads to a unique inner...more
Curing Hemorrhoids With Yoga Hemorrhoids are nerves around the anal spot that was severely irritated. Constipation because of the lack of fiber and a malfunctioning liver intensifies the sickness. Lack of activities, indulging in excessive sexual practices and severe varicose veins also increases the chances of a person...more
Main Objectives & Benefits Of Hatha Yoga Different kinds of yoga are practiced in different corners of the world. Some popular types in Langley include Hatha yoga and Bikram yoga or hot yoga. One common thing in all kinds of yoga is that they are all meant to keep body, mind and soul fit. As compared to other forms, Hatha yoga is known to...more
Yoga Sticky Mat How To Use It Yoga is the oldest form of exercise, where meditation is used not only to attain spiritual insight and tranquility but also a fit body. Yoga mats are the only accessory you will need other than your determination. The yoga mats are available in a variety of kinds and are made from different types of...more
Yoga Classes In Belfast With Shanti Shakti Yoga is now offering Yoga classes in Belfast at Queens in Botanic Gardens Belfast She is also offering other Yoga classes in Belfast including 2 classes at Blick on the Malone Road which are drop in classes for all levels.Each class will offer a variety of styles which include Hatha...more
Yoga Plus Life Coaching The Seven Yoga Secrets training is unique in that powerful yoga techniques have been specifically combined with personal productivity and human potential coaching techniques. I have used these techniques over the years to help many executives and clients remove obstacles in their life that have been...more
Why Is Yoga Secret # 1 So Important? Why is Mantra so important? Because the use of mantra is THE critical first step in clearing our minds of the distractions that prevent us from seeing the ideal vision for our life.You see, more often than not, we get pushed around by the ongoing stimuli in our society. You know what I am talking...more
Yoga Nidra The Science Of Conscious Deep Sleep We all sleep every day, but we are not aware of it. We may be aware that some time was lost in a sort of void or reverie after waking up, but at the time it happens, we are not aware of it. That is what sets aside normal sleep from Yogic sleep. Authentic Yoga Nidra is about being in a state of...more
Welcome To Week Two Of Seven Yoga Secrets Training! Id be willing to bet that during the last week youve been tempted to minimize your vision; rewriting it to make it more consistent with what you think is realistic. Youve probably had more than a few thoughts pop into your head telling you youre crazy for even watching these videos and thinking...more
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